Rosewood and resins

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  • Room perfume 250ml with natural wicker sticks
  • Extraction of essential oils in a current of steam with the use of ancient stills
  • Concentration of essential oils: 25%
  • Slow maceration in alcohol for at least 40 days
  • Only Ifra certified fragrances (International Fragrance Association)

The Essences of Cristiana Bellodi are built as an Eau de Parfum for the person. The concentration of the Essential Oils and the maceration times in alcohol determine the persistence of the perfume and the long life of the product. The 4.5 mm diameter of the natural rattan sticks allows for a large surface to absorb the perfume and thus release the essence more effectively. The filling of the bottles is made entirely by hand and each cap is sealed with hot wax lacquer poured by hand to guarantee the preciousness and uniqueness of the product. Handmade boxes.

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